Toddler Travel Bag

Traveling with a toddler is always an adventure. We have the car travel down really well now. And recently dipped our toes into air travel.

Which made me incredibly nervous.

Toddler Air Travel Bag

I was hoping to have enough entertainment + distractions that Reid would behave fairly well on the plane. And it worked.

These were also the only toys that we brought for the entire 6 day vacation too.

Toddler Plane Activities

Color Wonder Items: Reid likes using markers. At home we restrict markers to the kitchen table. But I was worried about the potential mess that comes with markers, so we stuck with the Color Wonder Markers and Coloring Pages.

We took a Cars Coloring Books, A Planes Coloring Book, A Mini Metallic Cars Pad and all the markers that came with them. These were a big hit on the plane.

Toddler Travel Bag

Coloring Books + Crayons: We took a couple thin cooling books along with a box of crayons too. These were mostly used while waiting for our dinner at restaurants or on the hotel room floor.

I found the Crayola Tin Box just before we left and used it to hold the crayons and the color wonder markers.

Toddler Air Travel Activities

Dry Erase Board, Workbook + Washable Dry Erase Markers: I found this workbook in the dollar bin at target and knew it would be a hit for the trip.

We didn’t really use the letter/number portion but used the pictures as a seek + find book.

Toddler Travel Activities

Mini Magna-Doodle + Mini Fishing Game: The magna-doodle was well used on this trip. Reid played with it on the planes, in the car and in the hotel room.

The mini fishing game was forgotten at home. Oops.

Toddler Air Travel Toys

Mini Car Wash, Matchbox Cars, Several Cars from Cars and An Assortment of Planes from Planes: I bought the carwash + the mini planes just for this trip. So they were new to Reid toys for this trip… which made them special and well played with.

Toddler Activities for Air Travel

All of Reid’s toys + books fit into his backpack. Which made a convenient home for them. While traveling through the airport, I just tucked his backpack into my bag but Reid was able to keep his backpack in his seat with him on the plane.

So there you have it. I am definitely not an expert on air travel with kids. But do have two meltdown free flights under my belt.