No Sew Curtains from Flat Sheet

I have a vision for Reid’s room that is very slowly coming together. His room has dark panelling all around that I am not a huge fan of. I would love to paint it, but alas we are renting. The 3rd bedroom walls are better as they are painted off white, but that bedroom has some lovely pink carpet.

So we are making do in the dark paneled bedroom. For Reid’s big boy bedroom, we are going with an orange, white and navy color pallet.

DIY No Sew Curtains

I found navy and white stripped sheets that I loved at target along with an orange fuzzy blanket. And for now, that is all we have done.

His bed frame is unfinished oak and needs to be painted white. We also need to get a bookshelf put together and go buy a nightstand for his room also. But up first, I went with a simple update.


No Sew Curtains

I hung the blackout panels up when we moved in and stared at the for a couple weeks before finally having enough with their awkwardness. In my mind his room would have navy panels but they were rather hard to come by, so I got crafty.

No Sew Curtains from A Flat Sheet

1 Full Flat Sheet
Heat Bond Tape

Fold the flat sheet in half length wise. Hot dog style.

Cut the sheet in half.

Flat Sheet Curtains

Cut 2 pieces of ribbon about 6 inches longer then your sheet.

Adhere the heat bond tape the edge of both pieces of ribbon. I just followed the instructions on the packaging and held my iron over the tape and paper for about 2 seconds.

DIY Flat Sheet Curtains

Remove the paper from the heat bond tape that is now adhered to the ribbon.
Line up the ribbon along the cut edge of your fabric.

Flat Sheet Curtains Homemade

Adhere the ribbon to the sheet by holding the iron in place for about 8 seconds. Again just followed the directions on the packaging.

No Sew Flat Sheet Curtains

I left a little extra ribbon at each end and then just folded it over to the back and ironed it on.

Flat Sheet Curtains DIY

Repeat on the other panels.
Iron the panels and hang on curtain clips.

Flat Sheet Curtains No Sew

I just clipped the panel and blackout panel together and called it good enough. I didn’t think that the curtains would have so much extra fabric at bottom. Apparently, my measurements were a little off. For now it just gathers on the floor. I think I may eventually go back, cut the panels to length and create a new seam at the bottom. But for now my no sew flat sheet curtains are looking good.

No Sew Flat Sheet Curtains