Tin Can Desk Organizers

March was incredibly long. Not much was done around our house. Not much was completed in general.

I did however get to start updating our “office” area. When I was working at home, I had a nice big office with storage, a window and organization.

Then when Neil started his business, I lost a little of my room and gained a huge file cabinet and lots of paperwork and stuff.

Then when I stopped working at the end of the year, the office got moved into our bedroom and the old office became a full blown playroom.

Tin Can Desk Organizers

So for the past 3+ months I have been trying to figure out how to create the perfect filing system to include all our home and business paperwork. Its still a work in progress but much so better than it was.

Our office basically consists of a desk, a large filing cabinet and a couple little nook cutouts in our closet. So my focus this spring has been on creating a functional office area and desk.

First up…a little desktop organization.

I looked at several stores for something prefect. Everything was either too big, too ugly or not just right for me.

So one day this winter when I was cooking up one of the many soup recipes we devoured, as I was about to recycle the cans, this idea hit me.

I ended up using 4 different cans, mostly because that was what I needed for the recipe.

After a thorough scrubbing, I painted the outside with acrylic paint in two different colors.

DIY Tin Can Desk Organizers

My original plan was to just paint them and let it go. But once they dried, I saw they needed more.

Homemade Tin Can Desk Organizers

So I dug through my washi tape collection to find a few that I liked with the paint colors.

Craft Tin Can Desk Organizers

The only thing I did consistently with each was to wrap one piece of tape around the inside and top of each can… To help cover the possible sharp edge.

DIY Tin Can Desk Organizer Instructions

Next up was a couple thin layers of glossy mod podge to make sure the tape stays in place.

Make Tin Can Desk Organizers at Home

Then I filled them with my most used office supplies.

This would be where I show you a picture of the awesome desk organizers on my pretty, clean and organized desk… But my desk is still quite the mess. Soon though.

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