Star Themed Tot School

This tot school activity focuses on recognizing the look, feel, and colors of star shapes. Many toddlers develop a fascination with space and this can be a small first step towards developing that interest.

Many of these are simple print outs, or prebought shapes that can be put together in an instant.

We have also included some crafty activities with some painting, and assembly included to engage your toddler for a bit longer.

With a total of 11 activities included you and your toddler can be seeing stars for weeks!

11 Star Themed Tot Trays

1. Star Themed Sensory Bin

Star Themed Sensory Bin


  • Large Dish Pan
  • Dried Lima Beans
  • Large Star Buttons
  • Pompoms
  • Star Pipe Cleaners
  • Wooden Stars
  • Small Star Slinkies

This is a fun sensory activity to start to recognize the feel of the star shape.

The contrast between each object will make the star instantly recognizable, even for a toddler!

2. Dot Marker Stars

Dot Marker Stars


  • Dot Markers
  • Printables

Dots are a quick and easy activity that requires no preparation. Just a print out and some markers.

You can get as colorful as you like here, or you can stick to the more common yellow colors of the stars that you will see in most kids books.

3. Stars Flashcards

Star Flashcards


  • Playskool Flashcards
  • Sesame Street Flash Cards
  • Crayola Color Connect Flashcards
  • Mickey Mouse Flash Cards

While these cover a lot more shapes than just stars, they will be in there.

This is a great follow up activity after you have covered some of those above to see if the star shape is now identifiable.

4. Star Matching Tot Tray

Star Matching Tot Tray


  • Wooden Stars

Fill the tray with stars of different sizes and looking to match those of the same size.

Keep the number of stars low at first or you risk frustrating away their interest.

5. Star Books

Star Books


  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Little Shapes
  • Shapes
  • Nemo Shapes

A great activity to incorporate, or use as a lead up to the shapes flash cards.

There are so many star themed children’s books that you will have no trouble finding them.

6. Star Coloring

Star Coloring Tot Tray


  • Crayons Printables

Coloring is another quick and easy one to setup.

A printout and a box of crayons is all you need. Then let the creative juices flow!

7. Washi Tape Stars

Washi Tape Star Tot School


  • Washi Tape

I wouldn’t go out of your way to buy these, but if you have star printed washi tapes around the house anyway then this can be a quick and fun activity.

Your toddler can stack these up with the star prints alongside each other, lining them up and just playing around with the patterns.

8. Play Dough Stars

Play Dough Stars


  • Play Dough
  • Clear Sheet Protectors and Printables

Who doesn’t love playdough?

Molding them into star shapes will be challenging, but is likely to keep your toddelr busy for a while.

This is a useful way to test out their learning after a few activities.

9. Star Stickers

Star Stickers


  • White Paper
  • Foam Stickers

Here you can make colorful arrangements of star shaped stickers.

Stickers of any kind are usually a hit with kids and this should keep them happy for a while as they make their own arrangement.

10. Craft Stick Star Building

Star Building Tot Tray


  • Yellow Popsicle Sticks

Now we are getting a little more crafty and into some more advance assembly.

The star shape may not be apparent at first so you will likely have to demonstrate, or assist with the first few. But it will be interesting to see how close they can get on their own.

11. Star Threading

Star Threading Tot Tray


  • Large Buttons
  • Pipe Cleaners

This one is getting a bit more precise with the assembly and may be a bit tough for a younger toddler.

It is fun to try though and you may end up with a colorful arrangement of stars on the pipe cleaners if your persist. This is another that can frustrate their interest away if they don’t get it early on though.

Final Word

These star themed activities provide some quick and easy ways for your toddler to become familiar with the star shapes through visual and hands on learning.

A lot of fun to be had, and an area that a lot kids develop a lasting interest in beyond toddlerhood.