Crayon Sorter – Sorting, Matching, and Colors

I am all about learning, teaching and having fun. So this project pretty much combines all of that. A crayon sorter.

A simple concept. A simple design.

And it works.

Crayon Sorter

I saw this on pinterest way back when a tiny infant. You know almost 2 years ago.

I took that and made it spin. Literally.

I used an old lazy susan that had been in the back of our kitchen cabinets for the past 10ish year.

Attached some colored buckets. Added crayons and watched the fun begin.

Crayon Matching and Sorting

My son loves this!

He puts the crayons back in the correct color when we are done.

He matches the crayons while we are coloring.

He spins the lazy susan to have fun.

Crayon Sorting

It is a big hit. And it looks so much nicer than a bin of crayons.

DIY Crayon Sorter Supplies

  • Lazy Susan
  • 9 Small Buckets – I bought this set of 12 for under $10.
  • Paint
  • Mod Podge
  • 9 short screws

DIY Crayon Sorter Directions

1. Paint each bucket a different color. It took 3 coats for me to get good coverage on all the buckets. My 9 buckets are…. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, White and Black.

2. I also painted a red and blue line on the lazy susan. The blue is just around the edge and red is actually along a dip in the wood.

DIY Crayon Sorter

3. Coat the lazy susan and buckets with mod podge. This isn’t a necessary step, but I wanted this to be super shiny so I did 2 coats on each.

4. Once everything was completely dry, I laid out the buckets and had Neil screw them into the lazy susan.

Crayon Organizer

He use short enough screws that the tips were not sticking out through the bottom of the wood. You could also hot glue the tins on if desired.

Homemade Crayon Sorter

5. Add crayons.

6. Enjoy!

This was a super simple project for me to make. The hardest part was spacing the buckets. I just eye balled it.

The entire projected took maybe 30 minutes of hands on time (5 layers of paint/mod podge and some screwing). The worst was waiting for the paint to dry.

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