Toddler Boy’s Wish List

This week’s Holiday Wish List is for Toddler Boys.  Be sure to check out the previous editions of my themed Holiday Wish List’s… Runner’s and Photographer’s

I find shopping for other peoples kids to be hard and stressful.  What if they already have it?  Is it age appropriate?  Etc.

This year Reid’s Christmas list was both hard and easy.
He is a toddler boy.  He loves cars, trucks, trains and farm animals.  So yeah.  That is pretty much his list.
Toddler Boy Wish List

Gifts From Santa:

1. Train Table – Reid loves playing with trains and loves playing on train tables. We had plans to make him a train table for Christmas but… well… I couldn’t wait. We made him a train table last month and it has been a huge hit ever since.

2. Folding Wagon – We are at the stage where the stroller is fun, but only if I am running behind it. Going for walks or outings in the stroller is not toddler approved. I saw this folding wagon being used at the fair last summer and fell in love. It folds small enough to fit in the trunk of car with room for groceries and other stuff. I’m sold!

3. Play Grill – Reid loves to help in the kitchen and thanks to our Kitchen Helper I have been letting him. However, sometimes its not appropriate for the hands to be helping. So I am hoping that by setting up his own grill (and kitchen), I can get a couple minutes alone to handle the knife work at the counter.
4. Play Kitchen – See above for the reasons why we need this.
5. Little People Farm – Reid loves his little people farm. I picked it up at a consignment sale for a few bucks. Best money spent! I actually purchased another farm (or 2) for him for Christmas with a couple Fisher Price Coupons.
6. Tricycle – We have a tricycle very similar to this one that was handed down to us from my Sister-In-Law. We used it quite a bit last summer for short walks around town and will be using it again this summer. It has buckles to hold Reid in and push bar / steering for me. Love it!
7. Tool Bench – Again this is one of the things we already have as a hand me down. Reid has just started to play with his tool bench more and more recently.

Toddler Boy Stocking Wish List

For the Stocking:

1. Hot Wheels Cars – I feel like this is a no brainer. Don’t all little boys love cars at some point?
2. Flash Cards – We have started pointing out different letters and numbers to Reid recently and he has started catching on fairly quickly. In an effort to have something a little educational at Christmas, Reid will be getting number and letter flash cards.
3. Crayons – Crayons. I love them and hate them. Reid loves to color and it keeps him occupied for a while. However, he still doesn’t always stay on the paper. Hence the hate. (But nothing a magic eraser can’t clean up)
4. Travel Doodler – I saw this in the store and fell in love. Think car travel. This is perfect for a trip in the car. Reid can draw and I don’t have to worry about a mess. Love it!
5. Puzzles – Reid has mastered his wooden puzzles lately and may be ready to move onto a little harder puzzles shortly.
6. Trains – My kid loves trains. He loves lining his toys up in a line and forming a train. Trains will be making their way into his stocking this year.
7. Play Food – Play food to go with our play kitchen and grill. Yup. Will be happening this year too.

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