An Oh So Adorable Turkey Wreath

This turkey wreath if a great way to welcome your Thanksgiving dinner guests when they first roll up to your front door.

You will be sure to get a few smiles and laughs when this quirky turkey catches the eye and is a colorful addition to your household.

They are relatively simple to make yourself at home and is a fun craft idea to add to your decorations this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath

How to Make Your Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath


  • Styrofoam Wreath
  • Brown, Yellow, Black and Red Paint
  • 6 Pieces of felt
  • Hot Glue
  • Craft Sticks

DIY Turkey Wreath

1. First I painted the styrofoam wreath brown. It took 2 coats to get all over coverage and the color dark and consistent.

2. Fold a piece of felt in half from the long side of the felt to create a long thin piece of fabric. Then cut this in half to create two feathers out of each piece.

3. Repeat on four more pieces of felt for a total of nine feathers. You can mix and match your fabric colors however you like. I have gone for your traditional turkey colors which are mostly of the darker shades with some orange thrown in.

4. With the one remaining piece of felt (i cut ten and used nine so far), I folded this into thirds and glued to the lower side of the wreath – this is where my turkey face will go.

5. Hot glue the feathers together in a layered fan of feathers to cover the top half of the wreath.

6. Hot glue craft sticks onto the ends of each feather at the back, then join these pieces together using a skeleton of additional craft sticks.  Hot glue together so everything is attached and provides a sturdy frame to hang up your wreath.

Homemade Turkey Wreath

7. Hot Glue the wreath to the front of the feathers.

8. Hot glue the remaining piece of felt around the wreath.

9. Using scraps of felt cut out your turkey face; eyes, beak and snood. Paint these pieces using the appropriate colors for each element of your turkey face, and then attach with hot glue.

Turkey Wreath Craft Idea

10. Hang and Enjoy! I used a pipe cleaner twisted around the craft stick skeleton to hang the turkey on the door.

Final Word

For a homemade wreath this project turned out looking much classier than I expected. The dark colors and the smooth paint job on the wreath is what did it I think.

If you wanted to swap the felt for cardboard, or paper, then you can do this. But you may lose a bit of that polished look at the end.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath Craft