Bottlecap Spider Halloween Decorations

Bottle Cap Spiders

This simple Halloween decoration is great for toddlers, and will only take a few minutes to create.

Even though spiders are gross, these bottle cap spiders are very cute and can be made from recycled materials from the kitchen.

They are a quick and easy addition to your household this Halloween, and will be a fun craft activity to do with your kids.

Bottle Cap Spiders

Prepare your Materials

In the weeks leading up to Halloween put aside all of your bottle caps from the kitchen so you have plenty ready to go.

Black are the most suitable because they contrast with the eyes. But, you can have them any color you like.

Nothing wrong with a blue or white spider if that’s what you have.

Bottle Cap Spider Craft


  • Bottle Caps
  • Black Pipe Cleaners
  • Black Paint
  • Small Googly Eyes
  • Hot Glue

Prepare all of your materials in small piles all together so you stay organized through the assembly process.

How to Make your Bottle Cap Spiders

Step 1 – Paint the bottle caps black and let dry (optional)

If you haven’t been able to source black bottle caps, you can just paint them.

Your toddler will have fun splashing black paint all over these.

Set them aside to dry and you can move on to making the legs!

Step 1

Step 2 – Cut up your Pipecleaners

Cut your pipe cleaners into equal size lengths.

To make things easy just cut them in half, and cut across multiple at the same time so you have the exact same size.

This will come in handy later.

Step 3 – Glue your Legs

Now its time to start putting together your bottle cap spiders.

Apply hot glue to the underside of the bottle.

Attach four to either side of the cap with a separation between each set.

Step 4 – Attach the Eyes

Now you are ready to attach the eyes.

These sit in between the two sets of legs at one end of the cap.

Step 2

Step 5 – Shape your Legs

The glue holding the legs in place should now be dry, and they should be sticking directly out of the bottom of the cap.

You can now start to mold pipe cleaner and fold them around the base of the cap, and up the side, and then fold down again to create that arched leg shape.

Those hairy looking black legs are now starting to look very creepy!!

Step 6 – Decide Where to Put Them…

Where are you going to put your bottle cap spiders?

They make a cute but scary addition to your:

  • Living room table, or TV cabinet.
  • Window sills around the house.
  • The Kitchen bench – if you can stand looking at them while cooking or eating.

Spider Craft


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Final Word

Making these bottle cap spiders is quick and easy, and your kids will love getting involved.

They are very small and can be placed almost anywhere around the house.