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About Me

08 August 2014

A whole page about me. Oh wait, that says about us.  Yeah, us. 

So who are we?

Let's start with me...  I'm Krystal.  I'm Neil's wife. I'm Reid's Momma.  I'm a Momma without enough time in the day.  I'm an upstate New York native that moved to Philadelphia to be with the man of her dreams.  A few years of suburb living was enough for us to pack up all our belongs in a U-haul truck and move 300+ miles away to the county in Western New York.

How I got here is pretty typical:
  • Small town girl meets city Boy
  • Girl moves 6 hours away to live with Boy (If Boy is driving it's only 5 hours)
  • Girl and Boy buy a house
  • Boy and Girl get hitched. 
  • Enter several years of married bliss (Travel, Pets, DIYing)
  • Boy and Girl have Baby Boy
  • Boy and Girl sell their house.
  • Boy and Girl cram all their belongings into a U-haul truck.
  • Boy, Girl and Toddler Boy are country folk now. 
  • Boy convinces Girl to open their own business. 
  • Boy is now self-employed and Girl is now a stay at home Momma. 

Neil - The Husband.  The Dad.

Reid - The baby.  The toddler. (What?  I want my baby back).

At 7 months old, Reid was diagnosed with Auto Immune Neutropenia.  You can read all about that journey here.

You can read more about Reid here and here and under the Oh Baby! tab.

So what all is this blog about?

That's a good question.  Its about our everyday lives.  Raw.  Unedited.  Uncut.

I attempt to be crafty.  I attempt to make healthy dinners.  I attempt to run. I attempt to read.  I attempt photography.  We attempt to be spruce up our house.   

I hope you enjoy my blog.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  You can contact me at  I hope to hear from you all!
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