My Life of Travels and Adventures: School Lunches - Week 1/2

School Lunches - Week 1/2

21 September 2017

We are only on week 2 of Kindergarten and I am already tired of packing lunches.  Reid is a weird eater and I am having a hard time coming up with lunch options that are not the same daily.  

We have been using a Yumbox Bento Box for lunches and have been really happy with it so far.   Reid has the Terra Green Yumbox and Bryn has the Bijoux Purple Yumbox.  Although, I am not packing lunch for Bryn for a while, I decided to order her a Yumbox too.  We have used it a bunch this past summer for picnic lunches at the park and also as a snack holder for on longer car rides.  

We also have the Yumbox Mini Snack Box  that I use in addition to a Thermos Funtainer  for hot lunches.  

So... Lunches.  Nothing too fancy here....

Lunch 1: Cheese, sliced apples, peanuts, a monster cookie, roll, peas and a couple mini oreos. He requested whole apples, not slices and didn't like the monster cookie.  

Lunch 2: Raisins, peanuts, blueberries, dried pineapples, croutons, peas and a fruit strip.  Although he ate all his peanuts the day before, this day he decided he didn't like them anymore.  
Lunch 3: Cheese, blueberries, raisins, buttered toast, sliced peppers and a fruit strip.  
Lunch 4: Dried pineapples, strawberries, yogurt covered raisins, buttered toast, chips and gummy fish.    He requested buttered toast again, since I made the best in the world.  
Lunch 5: Can I have a roast beef sandwich? Cheese, raisins, roast beef sandwich, peas and a piece of maple sugar. 
Lunch 6: Leftovers.  Pretzels, a couple gummy fish, raisins, an apple and leftover spaghetti. 
Travel Snacks: Last weekend we were going to be out of the house the entire day on Saturday and in the car for several hours, so I packed each kid a Yumbox full of snacks to help with the long car ride
Snack Ideas: Pretzels, raisins, peanuts, dried pineapple, goldfish, popcorn and a few smarties. 

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