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06 September 2017

I keep going back and forth on blogging.  Do I continue at this random pace, do I commit to actually blogging a couple times a week or do I just give up on it.  

I still enjoy reading blogs.  I still follow along with quite a few bloggers.  But I am just struggling with where my little blog fits in.  

I totally fell off the blogging band wagon when I was pregnant with Bryn.  Sooo... 2015.  That pregnancy was tough on me so a lot of "fun" stuff fell by the wayside just to keep normal daily stuff a float.  I tried my hand at blogging again this year.  But with no real time carved aside for it. 

However, today, I just dropped my oldest off at Kindergarten.  Once the toddler was asleep for her nap.  I started blogging again. I sat on the couch and watched an hour of reality tv.  Then I started blogging again.  Then I cleaned off enough of the desk in the office for my laptop to fit and now I am here.  

Right now my plan is to write a few things while Bryn naps each day.  I have a couple post ideas floating around in my head.  And quite a few travel and DIY projects to share.  We shall see how this plays out. 

So for now.  I am back with a little "me" time carved out each day to write.  

I'll leave you with this picture from the corner of our yard.  With the way our house faces and the trees directly behind us we usually don't see the pretty sunsets but on this night I was out in the garden and the pink sky was reflecting back to the East.  

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