My Life of Travels and Adventures: A Trip On The Erie Canal

A Trip On The Erie Canal

18 September 2017

This past summer, my mother-in-law was in town for the weekend and requested to see the Erie Canal.  Reid loves The Erie Canal Song, so we had gone on a tour last year and decided to repeat again this year at The Lockport Locks + Erie Canal Cruise.
The boat ride is around 2  hours but quite interesting.  You head upstream and up 50ft through two locks, which even after hearing how they work, and riding through them several times, I still find fascinating.  
Everything is gravity fed and based on which doors are opened or closed the water level rises or goes down and so does the boats.  

You also pass under several bridges...

The first is an upside down railroad bridge.  When the railroad proposed a bridge over the water, it was only okayed if the railroad was so many feet above the water.  Which they obeyed.  But since the railroad would obviously benefit if larger items couldn't fit over the canal, they built the structure of the bridge upside down... ultimately making the canal useless for certain large items and bringing those goods to the rail.  

The Big Bridge is the widest bridge in the US at 299ft wide.  There is a road and parking along the bridge.  

Finally you pass under "low bridges" which can be raised for boats to pass and then lowered for traffic to cross the canal.  

The guides give all sorts of interesting facts about The Erie Canal and a few fun canal songs are played.  

It should be noted that the water from the canal comes from Lake Erie and we had a wet July leading up to our visit, resulting in muddy water.  When we visited last summer the water was much clearer.  

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