My Life of Travels and Adventures: A Couple Things: Family Update

A Couple Things: Family Update

14 September 2017

1. He started Kindergarten shortly after Labor Day.  So far he seems to really enjoy school, although the after school mood swings are a little much sometimes.  I am really excited to see how Kindergarten challenges him and to hear all about the fun stuff he is learning.  Although, he came home the first day and all that he could remember was that the computer read them a book and that they have spoons and forks in the lunch room.  So am I not too sure how much I will hear about his day.  

He really wants to ride the bus and had been riding it home from school each day.  He is the last one off at night and would be the first on in the morning but I have been taking him to school each morning.  The bus comes by almost an hour before school starts, about the same time he wakes up each morning, so we have been sleeping in until 7am and then I drive him the 10 minutes to school at 8am.  

2. Reid ran track this summer in the 5/6 year old division.  They had 3 meets and a championship meet.  We could sign him up for 3 events at each meet and although he tried most of them (hurdles, long jump, sprints, relays and distance), I think he may be more of a distance runner.  He was able to keep a pretty consistent pace on the 400M and 800M and wasn't horribly winded at the end.  He ended the season with a couple 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons.   

1.  Little Miss is really enjoying her alone time with me during the days now.  When both kids were home all summer they played together very well (all things considered) and I was pretty much the third wheel.  Well now that Reid is in school all day, she is my little sidekick.  She loves playing with her kitchen and serving me food and drinks and such.  

I forgot how easy it was only having one kid to take on errands with me and it really has made those quick trips to the store easier and much more relaxed.  

2. Bryn is noisy.  If you had asked me last month, I would have told you that Reid is the noisy one and Bryn is fairly quiet.  Well she is totally coming out of her own when we are alone together and talking up a storm... only some of which I actually understand.  She is definitely saying more "words" and its becoming easier to understand what she is saying or what she wants but there are still a lot of babbling going on over here.  And its constant noise.  (But its all good).

Neil + I:
1. We are still chugging along with the business.  Its fun, tiring and rewarding.  I finally cleaned off enough of my desk to start filing and catching up on the years worth of book keeping that needs to be done.  Oh joy.  

Neil took off a little over a month this summer and had surgery on his leg that required crutches and no weight on it for a while.  Everything went well and he is back to work and back to using his leg just fine. 

2. I keep delaying running again.  I was waiting until it was not so hot out again.  Then waiting until Reid was back in school.  Now it has been raining and dreary for a while.  Soon.  Hopefully.  Or next Spring.  We shall see. 

We ended up not going away on a big vacation this year.  But had several day trips and an overnight "vacation" this summer.  We hit up Darien Lake several times this summer and took turns riding the rides with Reid.  He is just a couple inches too shorts for the roller coasters and such but does enjoy the spinning/fast rides that he can go on.  

We also went to Great Wolf Lodge for one night.  Which was too much fun for the kids.  Reid loved the waterslides and I loved that it was indoors and didn't require sunscreen!

I'll probably be doing a couple posts on the fun this day trips with did this summer, so watch for those as well.  

I share a lot more family pictures on instagram if you want to follow along.  

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