My Life of Travels and Adventures: Garden Update

Garden Update

10 July 2017

So since my last garden update a lot has changed.  Mainly everything has been transplanted and is growing.  
The last two weeks of May were spend transplanting.  A lot.  

Peas on the fence panel and two rows of tomatoes in the background

All of these paste tomatoes were grown from seed.  I transplanted 50 paste and 10 beefsteak tomato plants.  We lost a couple of the paste plants in the transplant. 
I ended up getting a few more fence poles to help the paste tomatoes stay upright.  

Here are potatoes have yet to sprout.  We have three rows of different potatoes in the foreground.  

Despite the dog and kids constantly trampling the onion bed the onions actually took off.  
We also have a couple rows of corn and sunflowers on the far side of the peas.  

As well as celery, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, oregano and spinach behind the onion bed. 
We have harvested spinach several times and peas a couple times so far.  

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