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Garden Tool Organizer

06 July 2017

This spring/early summer has been all about the garden.  And this latest project is no different.  
For Easter the kids both got a set of kid sized garden tools. Those tools combined with my own garden tools and then the hose, sprinkler and hose nozzle made for a very messy garden.  

I knew we needed a designated spot for the tools but wasn't sure how to keep them contained.  After a little pinterest looking and then surveying of supplies we already had on hand... This pallet garden tool organizer came to life.  
We ran a couple long screws through the back of the pallet and into the fence pole to hold everything in place.

I had 4 small garden tools and the kids each had a little kids shovel (Pink Princess Shovel/ Batman Shovel) so we just used 6 long screws to create hooks.  For the hose we used one of these square screw in bike hooks that we had in the garage.
 When I tilled the garden, I added this little section up front.  Mostly because we had a tree removed there and the ground around the stump has yet to grow anything on it.  Not it is covered in hay and a perfect spot for the garden tools to live.

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