My Life of Travels and Adventures: Spring Garden Update

Spring Garden Update

12 May 2017

So way back in February, I shared a little about our big garden overhaul that would be happening this year.  Well since then there have been some more changes to the 2017 garden plan.  

We have moved its location and made it even larger.

I ended up tilling a 42' x 44' rectangle that will house our new garden.  It should end up looking similar to this below.  Although the onions took up a slightly larger plot and we opted to put the carrots in the raised beds but its close.


It took me almost a week to get everything tilled and mostly cleaned up.  Then we installed two 16' fences (hog fence panels) for the peas.  Along with laying tarps on most of the garden to prevent weeds.
Back around April 16th, I planted about 120 onion transplants, 12 spinach transplants, 12 spinach from seeds, and 24' of peas.

 The spinach has yet to sprout outside and a couple of the transplants didn't take but everything else is growing well.  The peas have began to spout and are growing nicely, several of the onions have new growth, while a few have been trampled by the dog.  

I did do some heavy weeding after this picture was snapped.  We have almost 2 weeks straight of rain which kept my garden time to a bare minimum.  
We also trenched up the rows for the potatoes and planted around 100 seed potatoes so far.  I still have 20' or so left trenched but ran out of potatoes.   

Meanwhile inside, I have been planting and growing almost everything else for the garden. 

This was a quick picture I sent to my husband when I was transplanting some tomatoes and rearranging the shelves and grow lights.  
 And then another of all the tomatoes and peppers on the shelves. (I did fix the wires).   

There are plants everywhere around the house.  The tomatoes have grown so well that they basically fill all the shelves and lights so I am rotating marigolds, basil, and various other plants under 1 grow light and throughout multiple bay windows as the day goes on.  

Finally, in the 3 raised beds from last year, I planted a lot of strawberry plants.  I think we ended up with almost 100 plants.  (Ordering snafu).
So there you have it.  A little update on our 2017 garden.  We are in Zone 5b.  So around Memorial Day is when we start moving everything outdoors.   

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