My Life of Travels and Adventures: Garbage Can Compost Tumbler

Garbage Can Compost Tumbler

19 May 2017

With the huge expansion of our garden (follow along on Instagram for a lot of garden goodness) this year,  I decided it was time to start composting.  

Now we live in a very rural area with lots of land and trees directly surrounding us, so space isn't really an issue.  However, we live in an area with black bears.  They have been spotted in the ravine behind our house and we have had proof that they have visited our driveway and yard.  So for me putting a compost pile where they have frequented before seemed like a no, no.  Even though proper composting shouldn't attract animals and critters. 

So for our need we went with a tumbler system.  Which start around $100 online and go up steadily from there.  I searched pinterest for a bit and found this site with a DIY compost tumbler made from a garbage can.  

I purchased this garbage can for our compost bin.  I went with the can with the locking lid for ease of turning.  Then using a couple old tool cart pallets and the metal handle to our broken push broom.  Neil made me this tumbling system.  

After attaching the uprights, he notched a groove for the handle to rest.  We just added large enough holes through the can for the handle to pass through.  

Then he drilled 1/4" holes everywhere else, making sure to hit the top and bottom of the can.  

Finally, we had this old cement mixing trough that I set underneath to catch the "compost tea" with.
It sits at the far end of my garden.  So every few days,  I give it a couple spins and call is good enough.
We have had it set up for a couple weeks now and its getting pretty full.  I can see us needing at least one more, maybe two, as long as we have no visits from our furry friends.  

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