My Life of Travels and Adventures: Building a Covered Sandbox

Building a Covered Sandbox

17 May 2017

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With the expansion of the garden this year, our Spring to do list is pretty long.  It was only after I found myself ever so carefully spreading grass seed over a large portion of our lawn, only to turn around to see both kids carrying buckets of seed that they picked off the ground, did I make it a priority to move the kids new sandbox to the top of the list.  
I had a few requirements for the new sandbox... bigger, covered and nice looking.  The day following the grass seed incident, I drew this and sent it to the hubby along with a text saying we needed to hit up Lowe's soon.   
After gathering the lumber we needed, we stopped in the roofing section at Lowe's. All of the GAF Roofing Material are located together and made shopping a breeze... 

Well once I figured out what color shingles to purchase. (I went with the Timberline® Natural Shadow® Shingles in Charcoal because they look good and are extremely durable!) 
1 roll Feltbuster® High-Traction Synthetic Roofing Felt
1 pack TimberTex® Premium Ridge Cap Shingles
1 pack Timberline® Natural Shadow® in Charcoal
1 1/4" steel roofing nails
1' round cap plastic cap roofing nails
3 - 4x4x8
8 - 2x6x8
1 Sheet of plywood
12 L brackets
4 Flat Corner braces
8 Lag Bolts
3 Paver Base Panels 
1 Can Stain and WaterSealer in One

1. Building the SandboxThe build of the sandbox was pretty straight forward.  
  • Base: Cut two of the 2x6's in half and make a square for the base. 
  • Side Poles: Cut two of the 4x4's in half and attach to the sides of the base using lag bolts.  
  • Top Support: Measure the distance between the side poles from end to end. Cut the remaining 4x4 to length and attached the top of the side poles using a lag bolt.  
  • Bench: Using the end to end distance above, cut 2 benches to length out of one 2x6.  Notch out two of the corners to fit around the 4x4 side poles.  Attach using screws from the top and L brackets underneath. 
At this point, I stained and water sealed the structure using an all in one product.  Then we moved the sandbox into place and cut the paver base panels for underneath. You could also use landscape fabric but my hope with these is that the kids won't dig through them.  

2. Framing the Roof
  • The remaining 4 2x6's were cut into 40" parallelograms with 30 degree angles on each end. 
  • The sides of the joists were attached to each other using corner brackets at the peak.  
  • Then 6" from the bottom we notched a spot for the joist to sit on the 4x4 top support and attached them together using L brackets.  The joists were attached every 16 inches. 
  • Finally, cut the piece of plywood into 2-  40"x48" pieces and attached to the joists using screws. 
3. Installing the Roofing with GAF Shingles
  • First up on the roof was the Feltbuster®. Our roof was narrower than the roll so we just cut a piece slight larger, nailed it in place using the round plastic cap roofing nails and then trimmed the Feltbuster as needed to match up with the edges of the roof.  At the peak of our roof, we  overlapped the Feltbuster to the other side and nailed it in place.
  • Then it was time for the shingles.  We used the Timberline® Natural Shadow® in Charcoal. Starting by nailing a full shingle on the bottom corner and working across the roof before going up to the next row.  
  • Making sure not to match up the vertical seams in the shingles, we continued across each row going up the roof. 
  • Once both sides were shingled to the peak, we used the TimberTex® Premium Ridge Cap Shingles across the ridge. The TimberTex® offer multi-layer protection at the highest stress areas of the roof.  

GAF roofing materials are perfect for the average DIYer.  This was our first DIY roofing project and it was very doable. 

As you can see from the pictures, we filled it with sand and toys.  Not pictured are the kids that have been enjoying it ever since. I love that there is a little bench on each side for them to sit and that they are also in the shade while playing.  

So, what will you roof next?  I am already planning a garden shed (or maybe a chicken coop if I can convince the naysayer). 

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  1. This sandbox turned out FANTASTIC!! And all good projects begin with texts to husbands stating: "we need to hit up Lowe's soon!" I've sent many of those! Love the roofing color you chose...looks wonderful. #client


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