My Life of Travels and Adventures: Preschooler Travel Bag

Preschooler Travel Bag

01 February 2017

To see what I packed in for travel with a toddler... Toddler Travel Bag click HERE

This past summer was our first airplane ride as a family of four.  I was a little scared leading up to vacation about the travel logistics but it worked out.   I shared before what we packed as a Toddler Travel Bag for toys and entertainment when Reid was a toddler (2.5 years old) and now I am sharing what we packed for this airplane ride (4.5 years old) and vacation.  

Farm Sticker Book, Picture Dictionary Sticker Book, Animal Sticker Book + Melissa & Doug Paint with Water book.  They have an entire bag of sticker that then are used on other pages as well as little activities like mazes, connect the dots, spot the differences, etc.   The Melissa + Doug Paint with Water book is great, even when at home.  Each page comes with a selection of paints at the top, so you just add a couple drops of water and then paint away.  They are essentially mess free for the most part and we get tons of use out of them (waiting at a restaurant, rainy day activities, quiet time, etc).

Of course we also brought A Doddle Pad, Markers and Crayons.  As much as the activity books are great for keeping Reid entertained, he also loves to be creative and just draw and color.  
I also packed a couple small games to be played on the plane or while stuck in a hotel room. Uno, RushHour Jr and Sightword Bingo. Along with bringing Uno, I also brought our handy card holder.  Reid still hasn't quite mastered how to hold cards and not show them to everyone else, so the card holder helps.  RushHour Jr is great.  It is a one player game, he can set it up itself.  It comes with a drawstring bag so you don't lose any parts.  It has varying levels of difficulty and he loves it.  Sightword Bingo is a just that, bingo for rightwards.  The boards are wipeable and it comes with a dry erase marker.  So perfect for travel.  
Highlights HighFive Magazine, Ranger Rick Jr Magazine + Highlights Hidden Pictures Book.  When Reid gets a new magazine in the mail he looks it over and over and over and then we read the stories over and over and over, so that by the end of the week we are both over it.  But it keeps him entertained and learning.  So the month leading up to vacation, I snatched his magazines from the mailbox before he saw them and saved them for the plane + hotel room.  I also picked up the Hidden Pictures book because those are some of his favorite activities in his magazine.  
Matchbox Cars + Tonka Trucks.  We let Reid pick out a half dozen little cars and trucks for the trip and as always they were a hit.  
So there you have it. Everything fit into his Ninja Turtle Shell Backpack and he carried it all throughout the airports.  For the most part it kept him occupied all week and on both plane rides.  

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