My Life of Travels and Adventures: Garden '17 Plans

Garden '17 Plans

20 February 2017

For the past 2 years we have had an okay size garden in 3/4 different raised beds.  Our first year, the garden was overrun with pumpkins...
And we ate through pretty much everything we grew as it was harvested. 
Last year, I started a lot more of our garden from seed...
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But in the end we were able to grow a good amount of food.

We had an over abundance of pickling cucumbers and my pantry is still stocked with jars upon jars of all different kinds of pickles.

I also canned tomato sauce for the first time.
Which leads us to this year's garden.  I want more tomato plants.  And more corn.  And potatoes.  So,  we are going to go bigger (and hopefully better?) with the garden and till a plot for the garden.

It actually will probably stay in the same spot, since it works well.  

We plan on tilling a roughly 30' x 35' plot.  

My goal is as follows:

Potatoes (3 Different varieties); 3 x 16' rows = 48' total
Onions: 2 x 16' rows = 24' total
Carrots: 16' row
Tomatos: 2x16' rows = 32' total; 20 plants total
Peas: 4x16' rows = 64' total
Pumpkins: 16' row; 6 plants
Peppers, Hot: 10' row
Peppers, Sweet: 10' row
Spinach: 10' row
Celery: 10' row
Corn: 4x10' rows = 40' total
Pickling Cucumbers; 6' row; 3/4 plants total
Watermelon; 6' row: 4 plants
Herbs; 18' row
Sunflowers; 20' row
Marigolds/Nasturtium/Calendula/Petunia: Surrounding the garden as best as possible. 

I ordered seeds recently so in the next few weeks, I will be starting some inside.  

I seem to post more garden updates on Instagram so follow along...

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