My Life of Travels and Adventures: Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

20 January 2017

This week went flying by and pretty much dragged on and on depending on the time of day.  I have been off on my days since Tuesday and its just throwing me for a loop.

So, I think its Friday.  Right?  And I thought I would share some favorites from around the internet today.

Favorite Recipes: 
Its been wet and dreary this week... which is perfect soup weather.  I made this New England Clam Chowder recipe earlier in the week and have been loving the leftovers for lunch. 

Favorite Kids Stuff: 
The newness of all the holiday/birthday toys is slowly wearing off but both kids have a favorite (right now) toy.  Reid got these Discovery Kids Fort building set for Christmas (and another set for his birthday) and we both love them.  They make fort building super easy and have been played with constantly.   

Bryn got this FisherPrice Dog for her Birthday and she is constantly making it play music and dance. The songs are actually cute (and really catchy).  This dog gets dragged by its ears everywhere around the house.  

Favorite Website:
I have been on a garden planning roll lately.  We are going to do away with the raised beds this year and just till a big 30' x 30' plot.  Which means a much larger garden for me to play in.  But that also means it is going to take a little more planning to figure out what the plant where and how many plants we need,  how much seed to buy and such.  I have always enjoyed the Farmers Almanac website for garden info but this year I have been playing around with their garden planner and think I finally have this years garden planned out.  Maybe.  I'll be back with some garden posts in the next couple months.  

Favorite Old Blog Posts: 
This post is an oldie... Simple Toddler Meals... way back when I was packing lunches for daycare.  (Hard to believe that next year I will be packing his lunch for Kindergarten). I used these reusable baking cups with these Rubbermaid containers.    
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