My Life of Travels and Adventures: Potty Training - Poop Edition

Potty Training - Poop Edition

18 March 2015

Way back at the beginning of February I wrote about post about Reid being potty trained.  Well sure he hasn't had a pee accident in almost two months now but pooping on the potty was a whole different story.  

didn't push it at first, just reminded him about it and then talked while cleaning him up after.  But after just a short time, I was sick of it.  

I tried talking, time outs, threats, taking away toys, sticker charts, bribing with ice cream, etc, but nothing was working.  

Then one afternoon as I was gather up outside toys from the storage closet, I found a stash of Christmas gifts Reid had opened at Christmas but I had hid before we played with them.   Along with a few other little things that I bought on super clearance after Christmas and an idea hit me. 
I used an old rubbermaid container and created what Reid calls his "Poopy Bin".  It sits on the windowsill in the bathroom.   The premise is simple.  Poop on the potty and pick out a prize.

The first couple days when Reid was trying to go on the potty, I took the bin down and we talked about each thing in it.  But he couldn't touch anything until he used the potty.  
Now, it doesn't come off the windowsill until he uses the poops on the potty and is all cleaned up.  Then he can look through it and pick something out.  
It has been almost 3 weeks since we started with it and he hasn't had an accident yet.  He now tells us when he needs to go poopy and usually what he wants "I need go poopy.  I get legos." 
I plan on using the "poopy bin" for another couple weeks and then slowly transitioning the prizes to smaller things and then eventually just doing away with it.  But for now it works and it works great.  
It also works out since my mom cannot seem to go to any store without buying Reid something.  So when we see her and she has a new toy for Reid, it goes straight into the bin, so he can get it later.  
Some items that have been in our bin include:
Sticker Packs

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