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Our Preschool Classroom

02 March 2015

Our In Home Preschool Classroom Setup
Our Preschool Classroom has evolved quite a bit in the past few months.  And it keeps changing based on what works for us and what doesn't.  

We use an area in our kitchen/dining room for our preschool room.   In the picture below I am standing with my back to the kitchen island, the dining room is to the left, the living room and rest of the house are down the hallway pictured.  Yes these pictures are from way back before Thanksgiving.  Im just that slow to post.  Oops. 
In front of the chalkboard + desk is a fairly large open area of floor that we use to sit on during stories or to do our more active learning activities.  
I use the chalk board to write letters or have Reid trace or draw.  Under the chalkboard is a basket that we use to hold that weeks themed books and library books.  Also stored in the basket are round foam placemats that Reid sits on during stories.  
On the other wall is the Calendar Board that we use first in our Preschool Routine
To display Reid's worksheets, I hung up decorated clipboards.
Again, Thanksgiving themed worksheets.  Someday, I'll take an update picture. 
I decorated each clipboard with washi tape
And then hung them on the wall with clean command hooks.  
Our Preschool Classroom is nothing fancy but it works great for us.  We have a spot to move, wiggle and dance.  A spot to sit and do crafts + worksheets.  An area to listen to books.  And most importantly, a spot to hang up Reid's work.  He loves finishing a worksheet and hanging it up "to show Daddy later".  

Since I took these pictures, 4 months ago, I have made a few changes to our classroom.  Once I take pictures, I will to a classroom update post.  You know months from now. 

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  1. I've been using cork boards but the clipboards probably would be easier to swap out papers. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I am totally going to come back to this for inspiration! Thank you!


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