My Life of Travels and Adventures: Toddler Dragon Craft + Easy Chinese New Year Celebration

Toddler Dragon Craft + Easy Chinese New Year Celebration

16 February 2015

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Toddler Dragon Craft - Easy Chinese New Year Craft
With the upcoming Chinese New Year, Reid and I decided to make a simple dragon craft.  If you have ever done a craft with a toddler (or pretty much ever interacted with a toddler) then you know that  getting them to follow directions can be tedious and sometimes frustrating. So I've decided the best thing for all involved is to have some snack options on hand while crafting. The Chinese New Year celebrates the wish of "good fortune" to all in the year ahead with red-envelope gifts and traditional appetizers.   So for our Chinese New Year craft we snacked on Authentic, Restaurant Inspired, Asian Tai Pei® appetizers.  

But first the simple Chinese New Year dragon.  And by simple... I mean toddler easy and with supplies that I already had in the craft drawers. 
2 Paper Towel Rolls
Red, Orange and Yellow Paints + Paint Brushes
Wired Ribbon
First, I cut the paper towel rolls into about 2 inch sections and then Reid painted them.  
Once they were dry, I had Reid thread about 2 feet pieces of streamer through each paper towel piece.    I wanted to use the leftover orange and yellow streamers from Reid's Birthday party last month... but have seemed to misplaced them. Then we threaded the paper towel piece onto the wired ribbon.  
To hold all the paper towel pieces on I looped and twisted the ribbon around the very first piece and then when we were done threading tied a knot at the other end.  I had plans of gluing goggly eyes and a long tongue onto the knot to make it a dragon face but Reid was having none of it.  
In the end we had a dragon that wiggled, jiggled, waved and danced with us.  Reid had fun making the dragon and Neil + I had fun snacking at our simple Chinese New Year  activity. 
We had Tai Pei® Pork Egg Rolls and Tai Pei® Mini Chicken Spring Rolls that I picked up at Walmart. 
The Tai Pei® appetizers are ready in minutes and loaded with traditional style and flavor chicken, pork or shrimp.  I tried photographing the dipping sauce that is included with the appetizers too but couldn't get Reid to stop sampling it long enough for a picture... So I gave up.  Luckily for Reid and my patience, the delicious crispy wrappers and hearty pork and chicken insides of the Tai Pei® appetizers were enough for me to calmly help Reid create his Chinese New Year dragon.  
On the Tai Pei® Facebook page check out the Chinese New Year app.  The Red Envelope tab includes a coupon (while supplies last).  Follow along with Tai Pei® on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.   

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  1. Oh what a fun craft! I bet that was as much fun to play with as it was to make - and yes, the snacks definitely help make everyone happier and more patient, right? #client


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