My Life of Travels and Adventures: Our Preschool Routine

Our Preschool Routine

10 February 2015

I am my no means an expert on homeschool or even preschool but I have figured out a pretty good system that works for me and Reid.  

For the most part we do our preschool activities in the same order... 

Clean Up

And most days it takes us anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hours to complete school.

I aim for preschool 3 days a week on average.  Some weeks we have more preschool days (especially when we are snowed in or its way to cold to venture out) and some less due to other scheduled activities and plans.  

Calendar (Time: 5 minutes)
We both sit in front of the calendar to start our school day.  I will talk about what day of the week it is while holding the corresponding day of the week sheet.  Then Reid will spell the day of the week and place it on our Calendar Board. We will repeat these steps with the Month and Day.  

We talk about the year and season next.  When we get to the weather, Reid will go over to the dining room window to check the sky and report on the weather.  Then he selects the correct weather card and spells the word before hanging it on the Calendar Board. 

Songs (Time 5-10 minutes)
Sometimes I have songs that go long with our Weekly Theme and sometimes I don’t.  If I don’t then we will sing a couple songs together or dance to a few from one of our kid CDs.  

Books (Time: 20-30 minutes)
Each week I try to have at least 10 different books for us to read during school that relate to the Weekly Theme. (Which usually means being on top of my game and picking them up at the library the week before.) Each day of school I will read for at least 20 minutes.   

Worksheets (Time: 10-15 minutes)
After books we move school to the dining room table and work on some worksheets.  I use free printables for 95% of these worksheets.  Sometimes I will pull out a workbook I picked up at the store too.  I love the variety that most printable packs contain.  I try to keep a mix of worksheets containing matching, dot marker letter finds, prewriting line tracing, single letter tracing, word tracing, and coloring.  Each day Reid does around 6-10 worksheets... sometimes more... depending on how easy they are.  

Learning Activity/Game (Time: 10-15 minutes)
I try to come up with some fun activities + games that correspond with the Weekly Theme.  Sometimes it a simple game of matching upper and lower case letters, or using clip card that came in a free printable pack to count.  Other times I might cover the floor with numbered snowflakes and Reid will have to stomp on the number I shout out.  

I try to keep this portion of our school time a little more active.   

Craft (Time 10-15 minutes)
To end each school day we do a little craft that relates to our Weekly Theme.  I try to keep it fairly simple and have all the supplies out ahead of time.   

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