My Life of Travels and Adventures: Arctic + Antarctic Themed Preschool (+ Lesson Plans)

Arctic + Antarctic Themed Preschool (+ Lesson Plans)

03 February 2015

Arctic + Antarctic Preschool (or Tot School)
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I am really struggling on how to write these preschool posts.  That and I am way behind on them anyway.  I think because I am trying to include everything that we used for the week in one posts it makes it a little boring to read ( + write).  I might try to really only focus on one activity for the week and blog about that... instead of all that we did.   I feel like my Tot School posts were a lot more fun and the preschool ones are boring.  We shall see what happens.  

Arctic Animals from Royal Baloo
Romping and Roaring 2 Pack from 3 Dinosaurs
Letter I Printables from 1+1+1=1
Romping and Roaring I Pack from 3 Dinosaurs

Books (Affiliate Links from Amazon)

Watch Me Grow: Penguin
The Emperor's Egg
Up and Down 
Go Diego Go: South Pole Rescue

Polar Bear Craft from Learn Create Love

We painted our polar bear with metallic white paint and then Reid darkened up the eyes.  Eek.

Seal Craft from Learn Create Love

We used metallic copper paint for the seal and once it was dry, I cut it out and Reid used a glue stick to help piece the seal back together

Walrus Craft from Learn Create Love

Beluga Whale Craft from Learn Create Love

Snowy Owl Craft from Learn Create Love

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