My Life of Travels and Adventures: Snow + Winter Preschool plus Lesson Plans

Snow + Winter Preschool plus Lesson Plans

13 January 2015

Snow + Winter Lesson Plans  (for Preschool + Tot School)
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I am still working out the kinks on figuring out how to post about our homeschool preschool weeks.  Our first official preschool week was around Thanksgiving, so we have been doing preschool for a few months now.  

I think I have a pretty good lesson plan + post, so we will see how this post turns out.  

To download or print the Snow/Winter Preschool Lesson Plans
Snow + Winter Lesson Plans  (for Preschool + Tot School) 
Snowman Pack from Royal Baloo
Winter Pack from 3 Dinosaurs
Snow and Ice Pack from A Teaching Mommy
Winter Wonderland from Over the Moon
Winter Tot Pack from 1+1+1=1
18 Books about Snow

Books (Affiliate Links from Amazon)

Snowman Foot Print
Supplies: Construction Paper, White Paint + Markers (idea from Frog Snail and Puppy Dog Tails)
Once Reid's foot was dry, I went back and added the details to the snowman.
Footprint Snowman
Painted Snowflakes
Supplies: Jumbo Craft Sticks, Hot Glue, White Paint + Paint Brush, Tacky Glue + Buttons
The snowflake was preassembled with hot glue before Reid painted them white.  Once the paint was dry, I put down lines of tacky glue and Reid added the buttons. 
Buttons Snowflake Craft for Kids
Supplies: Craft Sticks, Hot Glue, White Paint + Glitter
I assembled the snowflakes with hot glue then let Reid paint them white.  While the paint was still wet, I sprinkled with with glitter. 
Painted Snowflake Craft for Kids
Paper Snow Globe: 
Supplies: Construction Paper, Glue Sticks, White Paint + Q-tips (idea from Crafty Morning)
I pre-cut out all the pieces for this project ahead of time.  Using a glue stick and some guidance Reid assembled the snow globe + snowman.  Then using a q-tip Reid added the snow throughout. 
Painted Snow Globe Craft for Kids
Pipe Cleaner + Pony Bead Icicles (idea from Happy Hooligans)
Supplies: Sparkle Pipe Cleaners + Pony Beads
I didn't take a picture of this craft but it was as easy Reid stringing the pony beads on the pipe cleaners and then me twisting the pipe cleaners around a pencil.  

Fingerprint Snowmen
Supplies: Paper, Paint + Markers (idea from Crafty Morning)
This was an easy craft but required help from me all throughout.  Once the thumbprints were dried I used sharpies to add the details.  
Snowman Fingerprint Craft for Kids
Snowman Stickers
Supplies: Paper + Snowman Stickers
Using snowman stickers I picked up at the Dollar Tree, Reid had a blast sticking them to sheets of paper. 

Painted Snowman (idea from Happy Hooligans)
Supplies: Jumbo Craft Sticks, White Paint, Buttons, Googly Eyes, Ribbon
Again, I don't have a picture of these little snowmen.  But I had Reid paint the craft sticks white then when they were dry he decorated them to make snowmen. 

Q-tip Snowflakes
Supplies: Construction Paper, Tacky Glue + Q-Tips (idea from Crafty Morning)
I put down lines of tacky glue and let Reid add the Q-tips to form a snowman.  Easy Peasy. 
Q-Tip Snowflake Craft for Kids

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