My Life of Travels and Adventures: Running in 2014

Running in 2014

14 January 2015

I felt like I did a lot of running last year.  But looking back through my garmin (affiliate link) and logs, it wasn't all that much.  But it was a lot for me.  And 2014 had a lot of races too.   
So let's recap:

Races: Polar 5k
Stroller Miles:
Total Miles: 7.10 

Stroller Miles: 4.34
Total Miles: 10.54

Stroller Miles: 5.4
Total Miles: 15.72

Races: Sap Run 10k
Stroller Miles: 13.37
Total Miles: 24.11

Stroller Miles: 2.11
Total Miles: 28.15

Stroller Miles: 5.19
Total Miles: 19.62

Stroller Miles: 16.23
Total Miles: 24.1

Races: Autism Awareness 5k (with the stroller) + Tops 10k
Stroller Miles: 14.03
Total Miles: 31.46

Stroller Miles: 13.17
Total Miles: 26.39

Stroller Miles: 3.42
Total Miles: 19.76

Total Miles: 13.28

Total Stroller Miles This Year 81.26
Total Miles This Year: 220.23

Looking back at 2013, I ran 137.16 miles and set a goal to double that in 2014.  And I failed at that goal.  

I ran my fastest post- Reid 5k this spring with a time of 38:03.  And then this summer I ran my fastest stroller 5k with a time of 38:30.  Actually that is my best pace ever with the stroller.  

I did run my fastest half marathon this spring with a time of 2:54:20.  What is even more impressive about that race was that I never fell apart.  I kept a pretty consistent pace and felt great at the end.  

In 2015, I would like to keep increasing my mileage and try to be more consistent with my runs.  We shall see...
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