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Playroom Tour

22 January 2015

When we moved in last summer, we deemed the previous sitting room as our new playroom.  And 6 months later, I think we finally have the kinks worked out and the room set up how it will remain for a while, hopefully.  So lets take a tour...

This is the view from right outside the playroom door.  In the wall space between the bay window and the bookshelves, I plan on hanging letters that spell READ + PLAY.  But I am waiting for the Y to be in stock to finish this project.  
I apparently didn't take a picture of the rug in the doorway but it is the IKEA Hopplek rug.  

When you enter and turn to the right you see this...
Reid recently noticed that his tool bench has a clock on it and would run from the living room to the playroom to make the clocks match.  So I bought him his own red clock (from target) to match. 

The Craftsman Tool Bench is a hand-me-down from his cousins, the Little Tykes Fridge + Stove was a $10 garage sale find last year.  We use an IKEA Branas Basket to hold the kitchen food + toys.  The orange IKEA Lack table  and blue IKEA Mammut stools are the most recent addition to the room.  

As for the art in this area... The two canvases are covered in paint chip cut into squares and then randomly glued on.  The tree is a wall decal purchased several years ago.  The rug barely seen above and below is the IKEA Lekplats.

As you continue around the room counter clockwise...
We made this train table for Reid for last Christmas and a year later, we have only had to fix one piece.  
The train tracks on the train table are attached but underneath there are addition tracks, trains, and other pieces to create more tracks (stored in 4 bins from the Dollar Tree). 
In the corner beyond the train table is this bookcase that came with the house.  It makes a perfect addition to the playroom to create more storage.
Up on the top shelf is a bin of balls and our Disney Busy Books.  We have the Cars 2, Planes, Planes Fire + Rescue and Thomas the Tank Engine Books.  Reid loves these books... They contain a fold out playmat, a story and a dozen little figurines to play with.  These books are perfect for taking to a restaurant or when you need a contained play toy that will hold their attention.  The second shelf is full of board + card games.   Both of these shelves are out of reach to Reid. 

The this shelf has a bowling set (basket from the Dollar Tree) and all our musical instruments stored in the a drum.  

The bottom shelf has the big toys on it... Two garages, a race track, the Little People Farm, and the Mega Blok Table

Along the back wall of the room is a bay window and 10 year old IKEA Hemnes bench with a sheet stapled cross the top.  
To the left and the right of the bench we have two plastic crates as well.  
 Working our way right to left...
The crate hold all the Little People, animals and cars.  The first blue IKEA Drona box holds all our Mega Blocks.  
A bin holds all the wooden building blocks, another holds all the lincoln logs...
The final bin in the bench contains tinkertoys while the crate to the left holds all the wooden toys and trucks.  

So now we have made our way over to the far left side of the room.  
Again, we have another book shelf and a bean bag chair.

The bottom two shelves on the bookshelf hold books.   These are mostly board books and a few Little Golden Books.  The majority of our books are the shelf in Reid's room.  
Then there is a shelf with wooden puzzles, floor puzzles and a magna doodle.  That is the last shelf Reid can reach on this bookshelf.  The shelf above it holds coloring books and puzzles... All mostly purchased at the Dollar Tree.  
The top shelf has a basket of miscellaneous toy pieces, a Philly Phanatic and Reid's name made out of Legos.  

The final area in the room is to the left when you walk in the door.  Between the bookshelf above and this area is another bay window.  
On the wall at Reid's level is the Magnetic Board + ABC's that I made.   Above it are two more wall decal trees.  And for art there are three spray painted canvases on both sides of the bay window. 
This area houses all Reid's vehicles.  Along the top and the first shelf of the IKEA Expedit Shelf (now the Kallax) are large vehicles.  
The bottom shelf has four orange IKEA Drona Bins.  (FYI: These bins hold a lot of stuff!)  There is a bin for Monster Trucks, Cars + Trucks...
...Farm Vehicles and Construction Vehicles.   To the right of the shelf are the even larger (and metal) trucks.  The green rug in this area is the IKEA Lillabo.  

So there you have it... Our Playroom.  

I tried to divide the playroom into sections... Pretend Play with the kitchen/tool box... A building area in front of the bench which holds all the building supplies... A place to read... An area to play vehicles... etc.  But the biggest thing that has helped was the labels for the bins. By adding pictures along with the words, Reid is able to help clean up and put the toys in their proper place. 

Like the labels?  Well you can print them too.  I printed them onto card stock paper, cut them into large squares, then laminated them.  To attach them to the fabric bins, I just used 4 dots of hot glue in the corners.  For the plastic crates and wicker basket, I hole punched two holes and used ribbon to attach them.    

Click on each label below to open, download + print you own...

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  1. What a cute play area! I really love that bay window, I bet the kids love playing near it!


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