My Life of Travels and Adventures: Down For The Count

Down For The Count

27 January 2015

Last weekend and the start of this week has been really rough.  I am pretty sure that I have some flu-like thing happening.  I am just now starting to feel better and everything is not achey.  But it has been rough.  So this week's posts are all still sitting in the drafts.  

I considered editing one yesterday but then promptly fell asleep as soon as Reid was down.  So... I've got nothing for you except some pictures that I took with my phone last week while playing outside with the munchkin.  
Don't let the blue sky fool you.  It was very very cold on this day.  But we needed to get outside of both our sanities.  So I made it happen.
I love snow covered trees.  
On this day we were playing outside around 5pm, while waiting for Neil to get home.  I turned around and this was the sunset over our house.  

Now I am off to take a much needed short nap before the munchkin wakes up.  

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