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Calendar Board

20 January 2015

We have been using this Calendar Board during preschool since last fall and it has suited us well so far. 

We start our preschool time with the Calendar.  I will talk about what day of the week it is while holding the corresponding day of the week sheet.  Then Reid will spell the day of the week and place it on our Calendar Board.  We will repeat these steps with the Month and Day.  We talk about the year and season next.  

When we get to the weather, Reid will go over to the dining room window to check the sky and report on the weather.  Then he selects the correct weather card and spells the word before hanging it on the Calendar Board. 
At this age Reid really doesn't get months, days and years so we use the Calendar time more as an intro to our school day and to focus on letters and numbers.  

The Calendar Board was really simple to make using a white board from the Dollar Tree, some free printables, construction paper, my laminator and mini clear command hooks.  
I just cut out all the printables, laminated them and then hole punched them for easy hanging.  
As for the board, I just mod podged construction paper rectangles to the white board, then used clear command strips to hang the parts of the calendar that would change.  

Date Printables from Mama Jenn
Season Printables from Sailing Through 1st Grade
Weather Printables from Living the Teaching Life

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