My Life of Travels and Adventures: 2014 - A Blog Year In Review - Personal Posts

2014 - A Blog Year In Review - Personal Posts

06 January 2015

2014 seems to have gone by fairly quickly and again included some big changes for our family.  Here is a recap of the big personal posts from 2014. 

I started of 2014 being a Stay-At-Home Mom for the first time ever and I had no clue what to do with a 2 year old all day.  So I started Mommy/ Tot School.  

We celebrated Reid's 2nd Birthday with a Cow Themed Party.  
Then we went on our first family vacation.  A few days later we ditched the pacifier with no problem.  
We played in the snow a lot and built Reid's first snowman.  

Reis started climbing out of his crib so we converted it to a toddler bed.   We took our truck loving toddler to the Touch-A-Truck day.  Which was obviously a hit.  

My sister + I took a long weekend road trip to The Berkshires, Rye NH + Portland, ME.  When we returned I was treated to maggots in the microwave.   

We took a family vacation to Orlando Florida.  I talked about flying with a toddler, spending an entire day at the pool with a toddler, anda day at the beach with a toddler. 
I admitted to being afraid of running next to the cornfields on our road.   I took some ridiculously cute family pictures of ourselves that included a few funny outtakes.  

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  1. You are adorable and so is your family!! Wishing all the best for you and yours in 2015! Thank you for sharing. :)


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