Toddler Christmas Crafts

Christmas is an exciting time for a little toddler, and what better way to get your children involved in the preparations than having them help make some of the decprations.

We have put together a list of 14 easy Christmas themed craft ideas for your toddler that will make a cheap addition to your tree.

14 Toddler Christmas Craft Ideas

1. Button Xmas Tree

Supplies: Jumbo, Normal + Tiny Craft Sticks, Hot Glue, Tacky Glue + Christmas Buttons

I used hot glue to assemble to tree ahead of time.  Then when Reid was ready, I put strips of tacky glue along the green craft sticks and Reid added buttons.

2. Footprint Snowman

Supplies: Construction Paper, White Paint + Markers (idea from Frog Snail and Puppy Dog Tails)
Once Reid’s foot was dry, I went back and added the details to the snowman.
Footprint Snowman

3. Pony Bead Christmas Tree

Supplies: Craft Sticks, Hot Glue, Tacky Glue, Pony Beads + Twine

Again, I used hot glue and assembled the tree + twine ahead of time.  Then I just put down dots of tacky glue and Reid added the beads.

Pony Bead Christmas Tree

4. Paper Plate Wreath

Supplies: Paper Plates, Green Paint + Paint Brush, Tacky Glue + Pompoms

I cut out the center of a paper plate, then Reid painted it green.  Reid told me where to put the tacky glue dabs and then he added the pompoms.

Paper Plate Wreath

5. Thumbprint Santa and Reindeer

Supplies: Paper, Paint + Markers (idea from Crafty Morning)

This was an easy craft but required help from me all throughout. Once the thumbprints were dried I used sharpies to add the details.

Thumbprint santa and reindeer

6. Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Paper Plate Christmas Trees: (from I Heart Crafty Things)

Supplies: Paper Plates, Green Paint + Paint Brush, Tacky Glue + Pompoms

Paper Plate Christmas Tree

7. Footprint Xmas Tree

Supplies: White Paper, Green Paint + Markers

Once the green footprint was dry, I added the decorations with sharpies and hot glued a ribbon to the back.

Foot Print Xmas Tree

8. Painted Popsicle Star

Supplies: Tiny Craft Sticks, Shimmery Gold Paint, + Hot Glue

This was another one where I hot glued the craft sticks to form a start before having Reid paint them.

Painted Popsicle Star

9. Kids Button Snowflake

Supplies: Jumbo Craft Sticks, Hot Glue, White Paint + Paint Brush, Tacky Glue + Buttons

The snowflake was preassembled with hot glue before Reid painted them white. Once the paint was dry, I put down lines of tacky glue and Reid added the buttons.

Kids Button Snowflake

10. Snowman

Supplies: Construction Paper, Glue Sticks, White Paint + Q-tips (idea from Crafty Morning)

I pre-cut out all the pieces for this project ahead of time. Using a glue stick and some guidance Reid assembled the snow globe + snowman. Then using a q-tip Reid added the snow throughout.


11. Snowflake Ornament

Supplies: Craft Sticks, Hot Glue, White Paint + Glitter

I assembled the snowflakes with hot glue then let Reid paint them white. While the paint was still wet, I sprinkled with with glitter.

Snowflake Ornament

12. Painted Christmas Tree

Supplies: Ceramic Trees + Paint

I picked up these little ceramic trees for $0.50 at Hobby Lobby this fall. Reid painted them green first and once that was dry, he evenly added glitter paint.

Painted Christmas Tree

13. Q Tip Snowflake

Supplies: Construction Paper, Tacky Glue + Q-Tips (idea from Crafty Morning)

I put down lines of tacky glue and let Reid add the Q-tips to form a snowman. Easy Peasy.

Q Tip Snowflake

14. Painted Wooden Christmas Tree

Supplies: Wooden Christmas Trees, Paint + Q-Tips

I have had these little wooden Christmas Trees for a few years. I had Reid paint them green first. After that was dry he added the red + glitter paint using q-tips.

Painted Wooden Christmas Tree

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