My Life of Travels and Adventures: From Tot School to Preschool

From Tot School to Preschool

02 December 2014

We have had a fairly late change happening around here.  We have transitioned from Tot School to more of a Preschool.

This was a fairly quickly and easy change for both Reid + I to make.  I actually thought he would protest more to a more structured school time but he is loving it.  

We started Mommy + Tot School back in January as I became a full time stay at home mom and had no idea what to do all day.   I was pretty consistent the first few months of coming up with new Tot Trays and Themes.   But as the summer crept closer, we played outside more and prepared for yet another move Tot School took a backseat to life.  After the move, we had a few Tot School themes but it was hard getting Reid to even consider some of the trays at times. 

And thats the thing, with Tot School I followed his lead.  If he wanted to try a tray, okay.  If not, then that was okay too.  It was more about playing and at his pace.  Now after a few months here I finally feel like we are settled and ready for more.    

More structured time.  More structured learning.  More.  And that's my plan for Preschool.   There will be with a lot more printables.  I lot more books.  I lot more crafts.  And a lot more structure.  

Now thats not to say that our entire day will be structured and school.  But most mornings we will spend around an hour of structured time together.  Most.  Not all.  

We are only a little over a week in to home Preschool so I am sure things will change but for now the transition from Tot School to Preschool is going well.  I am still making a few changes to our Preschool area but will be sharing all the details of the set-up and of our Preschool day in another post or two.

Just for reference Reid was 2 when we started Tot School and 2y10mo when we changed to Preschool.

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