Toddler Thanksgiving Crafts

With the big switch from Tot School to Preschool around here, I am trying to figure out the best way to present our Preschool week here on the blog.

We have spent the last two weeks learning all about Thanksgiving. Books, crafts, printables, etc. Too many of everything to photograph and blog about.

But some fun things that I do want to share. So as I figure out how to blog about our upcoming Preschool weeks, here are some fun crafts that we did these past weeks.

6 Thanksgiving Crafts for Toddlers

1. Handprint Turkey

Handprint Turkey Craft

I am thinking we might make a few more of these little turkeys to decorate the table with on Thanksgiving.

I traced Reid’s hand onto construction paper then cut out a bunch of hands.

Reid glued the hands together with a glue stick and then we used tacky glue to adhere everything to the cut down paper towel roll.

2. Footprint Turkey

Footprint Turkey Craft

This Turkey Footprint was a hit. I cut out the feathers before hand and let Reid glue them onto the paper. Then we painted his foot and stamped the turkey.

The next day, Reid glued on the eyes and beak and I drew on the feet.

3. Painted Handprint Turkey

Painted Handprint Turkey for Thanksgiving

This handprint turkey wasn’t actually part of our preschool week, but was was our invitation to Thanksgiving dinner for our families.

I painted Reid’s hand and then he stamped them onto the foam.

On the back I invited everyone to Thanksgiving with all the details and such.

4. Tissue Paper Turkey

Tissue Paper Turkey

Reid loves gluing with tissue paper squares so this craft was a lot of fun for him.

I just just a paper plate in half, let him glue the tissue paper squares on, then the circle for the body, eyes and beak.

5. Pasta Turkeys

Pasta Turkey Craft

We have had this colored box of pasta in our cupboard for a long time now. Some people in this house won’t eat the colored pasta.

So, we used if for these turkeys. Reid glued down the body, head, eyes and beak using a glue stick, then I put down little lines of tacky glue and he placed the noodles all around.

6. Tissue Paper Fall Wreaths

Tissue Paper Fall Wreaths

We also made these fall wreaths this week. I cut the middle circle out of paper plates and cut colored tissue paper into large squares.

Reid crinkled the tissue paper and then used a glue stick to add it to the paper plate wreath.

Just a few simple toddler crafts that we did in preparation for Thanksgiving. Besides the cutting and tacky glue Reid did pretty much everything by himself.

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