My Life of Travels and Adventures: September + October Fitness Recap

September + October Fitness Recap

07 November 2014

The fall is always such a struggle for me fitness wise.  It's colder so I struggle to run outside with the stroller.  It's colder so I don't want to leave the house to go to the gym.  
Anyway, this is all I did this fall.  Eh. 
Apparently, I never recapped September.  Oops.

6 Hrs of Yoga
3 Runs.  Two Stroller Runs + 1 Half Marathon.  
I did run 9.27 miles with the stroller.  Making it my longest stroller run ever.  
Total Miles in September:  26.39

6 Hrs of Yoga, 4 Hrs of Boot Camp
Two Stroller Runs + Treadmill Runs
Total Miles in October:  19.76

Total Stroller Miles This Year:  81.26
Total Miles This Year: 206.95
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