My Life of Travels and Adventures: Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014

06 November 2014

It seems this year bloggers were really on top of their Halloween recap posts.  And I was not.  So here we are almost a week later and I am finally getting around to sharing about our low-key Halloween festivities.  

I was really undecided on what Reid should be for Halloween this year.  Mostly because everything he wanted to be (an excavator, a dump truck, etc) involved large costumes that I was 99% sure he would not wear.  

I wanted a costume that was very similar to clothing but was struggling for ideas.  I was leaning towards train engineer (but was worried that he wouldn't wear the overalls) or superman (but was worried on how to pull it off with a coat) until I saw Reid's monster sweatshirt in the laundry.  And then I knew.  

I could easily add to his sweatshirt (maybe even with a tail) to create a monster costume out of clothing that he already wears.  Perfect. 

So the Sunday before Halloween I set out cutting and making a few stitches to create this monster costume.  I added the tail to a pair of pants because I wasn't sure he would want it on.  
Anyways... back to our Halloween festivities.  

The evening before Halloween the local businesses on Main Street were handing out candy for a couple hours.  So after swim lessons we bundled up and went Trick-or-Treating with out little monster. 
It took a few stops before Reid understood when to say trick-or-treat and when to say thank you.  I guess leading with a Thank You isn't all that bad either.  I would rather there be an extra one than none at all. 

We went to maybe a dozen stops before heading back to the car.  It was cold and had started to sprinkle some so we called it good.  
That is such a bad picture of us, but it was the best of the 3 Neil took.  (This was after swim lessons and my hair and lack of makeup is definitely showing it.)

On Halloween, Reid + I headed off the visit my family during the day.  
This time the treats were presents instead of candy so that was a big hit too.  

We had plans to stop at one of the local churches for their trick-or-trunk event but it was cold, windy and rain/snowing so we just headed home and had family time.  
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