My Life of Travels and Adventures: Fall Decorations + Thanksgiving Table Settings

Fall Decorations + Thanksgiving Table Settings

19 November 2014

I know I am behind on the times and bloggers shared there Fall Decorations and Thanksgiving stuff already and have moved onto Christmas but I have a couple Thanksgiving posts still to share.  So bare with me here.  First up... Fall Decorations + Our Thanksgiving Table Settings.  
We just recently moved around our dining room/kitchen area to accommodate room for our Preschool area.  The buffet used to be against the wall under this sign.  
This sign was super simple.  Just a piece of cardboard covered in chalkboard contact paper.  Reid painted the leaves as part of his Leaf Tot School a few weeks back and I just clipped them to twine using tiny clothespins.  

Back on the buffet, everything except the pumpkins and wooden box (Neil made me 3 of these) is from the dollar tree.  
I wrapped a couple of these glass candles with burlap ribbon (also from the dollar tree).   
For the candles on the table, I wrapped them in twine.  
Down the center of the table, is a roll of burlap (from hobby lobby) and another one of the wooden boxes Neil made.  Again, all the glass and candles are from the dollar tree.  
This year we are hosting Thanksgiving (13 adults + 1 toddler) so I wanted to have an idea for table settings and this is what I came up with.  
Again, using what we had on hand mostly.  The gold chargers are several years old (but do need to pick up a couple more), the green plates are our everyday plates, the glasses are from the dollar tree as are the yellow/gold napkins.  
I spray painted the leaves gold (they are just from a dollar tree garland) and after I snapped these pictures, I had an idea to write the names of our guests on them.  
I just used a fine point black sharpie.  Cute, huh?
As for the rest of the house, decorations are sparse.  Reid helped me decorate the doorway to the playroom with the left over sparkly foam leaves. 
On the door to the basement is a new wreath I made.  It is actually a burlap wreath, I used before with a few felt flowers and a new M added.  
And of course this adorable Turkey Wreath, is hanging on the outside door to the house.  
So that's it.  Our Fall/Thanksgiving decorations + pre-Thanksgiving table planning.  

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