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Adventures is Out There Sign

13 November 2014

Simple Painted Sign: Adventure is Out There; Balloons + Clouds
Reid's room is finally finished.  I think. I kept the theme pretty simple in his room... Dark Blue, Orange + White.   I would love nothing more than remove the panelling and paint, but alas we are in a rental so we are making do.  

With the addition of the Vinyl Whale and the Painted Shim Art  the walls were just about finished.  But the wall next to his bed was still empty.  The fourth wall has the window and the No-Sew Curtain's I made from the flat sheet to his bedding set.

I took me a while to come up with something for this wall.  I knew it had to be long but I didn't want picture frames. Then I saw this nursery sign on Etsy  and set off to recreate something similar for Reid's bedroom.   
I stained the entire board (16" x 5') with Rust-oleum's driftwood stain.  
Then taped off a strip in the middle and using watered down white acrylic paint, stained that section white. 
I printed out the saying using "throw my hands up in the air" font and traced it onto the wood.  
I decided to paint the letters dark blue (using acrylic paint)
For the letters, I stuck with one fairly thick coat.  As you can see from this picture they are not perfect and even but you can't tell that from a normal distance. 
I printed off a cloud in different sizes and traced it onto the wood.  Again, using acrylic paint and a thick coat I painted it white.  
But I didn't like the lines on the cloud so I used a sponge and dabbed another layer of white paint on to get a fluffy/bumpy look. 
For the balloons, I stuck to a thin layer of orange acrylic paint.  
Once everything was dry, Neil hung it on the wall using screws.  He predrilled holes in the cloud that matched up with studs.  Then screwed the board to the wall with a screw in each corner.  I just went back over the screw heads with white paint.  
It definitely adds color and lightness to that wall.  Which is what I wanted.  The wood panelling gets to be a little much sometimes. 

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