My Life of Travels and Adventures: A Toddler Boy's Gift Guide

A Toddler Boy's Gift Guide

21 November 2014

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Duracell. #PowerTheHolidays 
The gift giving season is quickly nearing us and I am being asked by quite a few family members what Reid wants for Christmas. 

The answer is simple.  The entire toy aisle at any store we enter.  Or anything with wheels.  And if he was able to pick out his own Christmas gifts, they probably would all be some sort of truck, tractor or construction vehicle.  

But at least for a few more years, I get a say and here is the list I gave our families...

Outside Toys:
  • A Bike: This was on the list early on, but probably won't be under the tree.  I think we are going to get him a bike for his 3rd Birthday (in January).
  • A Scooter: I predict, this three wheeled scooter (with rubber wheels) will be a huge hit. 
  • Candy Land, Don't Spill The Beans, Chutes + Ladders and Don't Break The Ice: Reid is just getting to a point where he is starting to understand that some games/play has rules.  So I think these games will take a little explaining but will come in handy during the snowy winter months.  
Cars, Trucks, Etc: 
  • Construction Vehicle Set: This dump truck/trailer combination is everything Reid is dreaming of right now.  There is an ongoing construction project on our way into town and every time we drive by, Reid will shout out what vehicles he sees.   
  • Tractor/Combine Set: After watching the dump truck and combine cut the corn fields this fall, we talk about the combine pretty much daily.  
  • Remote Control Lightening McQueen: The obsession with Cars still continues and I think he would love a remote control car. 
  • Firetrucks:  Typical boy and his love for firetrucks. 
  • Dump Truck Flashlight: Reid is always using our flashlights so I think he would love one of his own. 
  • Power Tool Set: Reid loves helping Daddy fix things and now he won't have to share tools. 
Building, Blocks, Etc:
  • Lincoln Logs: The Childcare at the gym has Lincoln Logs and for a while they were the only thing he would play with when he was there. 
  • Tinkertoys: Reid loves building and connecting things, so a set of Tinkertoys would be well played with around here. 
  • Tangrams: We are still puzzle obsessed and a set of Tangrams would just add fuel to that fire. 
  • Playdough: Still a favorite around here. 
Mom's Wish:
  • Duracell Batteries: Every child's list should include batteries.  Here me out on this.  There is nothing more frustrating than your child getting a gift and not having batteries to make it work.   I always try to have extra batteries on hand during the holidays and birthdays but sometimes we run out.  And the meltdown of not being able to play with that new toy RIGHT NOW is out of this world.   So yeah, Reid wants... the #1 trusted batteries of first responders, pharmacists and parents... Duracell Batteries too. 
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