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Race Medal Holder

28 October 2014

Running for me is a struggle.  It always has been.  Some runs and races are better than others (Hello, 2014 Buffalo Half Marathon!) but most of the times I struggle more than I would like.  But I do finish. 

Anyway, thats a long way of saying I worked hard for the medals at the end of a race and wanted a nice way to display them.  Instead of thrown in a dresser drawer or over a door knob like they have been for the past 3 years.  

So I made this little race medal holder.  

Piece of Wood
Minwax Dark Walnut Stain
White Paint
Small Curtain Rod with Hangers
First I stained my piece of wood with two coats of Minwax Dark Walnut stain. Then I printed of the saying I wanted using Jenna Sue font.  

I taped down the paper and traced the letters with a pencil... and then a pen when my pencil lead broke and I couldn't find a sharpener.  
Next, I just used white acrylic paint and painted in the letters.  It took two coats of white to get an all around even color. 
On the other side, I painted everything in for the PR's but the times.   Before applying three coats of polyacrylic to seal everything. 
To hang the medals, I used a small curtain rod and just looped the medals over it.  
To write in my times, I used a chalk paint marker.  As for if I ever get faster, I seemed to wipe off okay.  There was a little smearing but I didn't really scrub at it either.  

We used two picture hooks to hang the medal holder to the wall.  Tada!
You might remember last year, I made my sister a Race Bib + Medal Holder also.  

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  1. So happy I can across your tutorial! I'd like to make one for myself. Just wondering how big of a board you used? Thank you!


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