My Life of Travels and Adventures: Painted Shim Art Work

Painted Shim Art Work

20 October 2014

Painted Shim Art Work
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Reid’s room has been lacking artwork / wall hangings since we moved in.  After hanging the whale art work I made, I had a few ideas for more but sat on them for a while.  Mostly so that I could finish unpacking the rest of the house. 

And now… well now I am just sick of staring at brown panels walls.  I want nothing more than to paint Reid’s room, but with renting that makes things all sorts of complicated. So for now we are making due.  
As I was brainstorming ideas (simple ideas) I found this pin on Pinterest.  And I rolled with it.

I love what a simple concept this is and how it can easily be adapted to any room/color/etc.  I also am really happy with how it brought more color to Reid’s room and brightened up the space.  Win win all around.   

Hot Glue
Picture Hook

* I used Apple Barrel Cobalt Blue, White, Folk Art Pure Orange and Rust-oleum Driftwood Stain

  1. First up, I painted the shims. I just did one thicker coat all around.  
  2. After the paint dried, I randomly arranged the paint shims… making sure that the ends alternated thick + thin side.  
  3. To hold all the shims together, I hot glued extra shims to the back.  
  4. Once it was all assembled, I brushed two thin coats of polycrylic onto the front and sides.  
  5. After everything dried, we hung a little picture hook on the back and hung it up in Reid’s room.  

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