My Life of Travels and Adventures: How I Finally Got My Toddler To Sleep

How I Finally Got My Toddler To Sleep

31 October 2014

Friday Favorites: Sleep Edition
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I know I have posted before on Reid's sleep (or lack thereof) issues.  But as a parent, the whole sleep issue has been so frustrating and exhausting.  

Reid didn't sleep through the night until he was almost a year old.  And then it wasn't consistent at all.  Eventually we were able to get him to self sooth and eventually fall back asleep on his own.  But it was a long time coming.  

Now that he is a toddler, the sleep issues are entirely different.  Our biggest issue was that he was getting up at 5:30/6am for the day.  And now that he is in a big bed that meant actually getting up and coming into our bedroom.  Ugh.  

So after a couple weeks we finally have a toddler that goes to bed without a big struggle and pretty much stays in bed until 7am each morning. Heaven!  

So how did we do it and what did we use?

1. A Lovie Item: Reid has been using these little taggie blankets since he was an infant and started daycare.  I wanted his love item to be easily replaceable and to have multiples.  (We have 3).  They are the only thing that are consistent in the rotation of blankets and stuffed animals that acquire in his bed.  
2. Black Out Panels:  I bought these blackout panels way back when I was hugely pregnant with Reid and have been using them in his bedroom ever since.  
3. A Night Light:  We have the turtle version of this nightlight.  And use it pretty much nightly.  I love that it has a timer so the light goes out after a set amount of time.  Now, we have this on the bed stand next to Reid's bed, so that he can get up and turn the light on if needed.  Every once it a while he doesn't fall asleep before the light shuts off and I will hear him moving around and turning the light back on. 
4. A Video Monitor: This monitor is great!  It has a feature so that I can talk to Reid in his room.  So when he does get out of bed, all I have to do is tell him to climb back in bed and most of the time he will.  Of course he went through a phase were he would look at the camera and shout No Way! That was fun.  

5. OK to Wake Clock: This has been the game changer.  This clock has a night light feature which glows yellow.  It also has the best thing ever... The OK to Wake feature.  Basically you set this for a certain time (7am in our house) and then each day the clock will glow green at that time.  The idea being that your child will stay in bed until they see the green light. 

It took Reid a while to actually do that though.  Maybe 2 weeks or so.  He knew and would repeat, "I stay in bed until turns green", but would still get out too early in the morning. When he did get out of bed before the green light, we just took him back in, covered him up and said, "Stay in bed until the light turns green".  And now he does.  The majority of the time.  
6. Books: Every night one of us climbs into bed with Reid and reads a couple books.  Steam Train Dream Train and Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site are two of our favorites right now.  

7. Clocky: Just in case you are having a hard time waking in the morning (lack of sleep and all, I get it!)... introducing Clocky.  I have had this alarm clock for a while now and its great at getting you out of bed.  You can customize it but the premise is that if you don't get up or hit the snooze too many times, the clock rolls away.  It will roll off your night stand and around your room while beeping at you.  It's utterly annoying, but works.  

So there you have it.  My favorites in the toddler sleep division.  

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  1. That ok to wake clock is Genius! Going to look at it now.
    Good list.



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