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Grid Work - Photo Grid

01 October 2014

This rental house has some quirks and some interesting new-to-us features.  Like big rooms.  With lots of wall space.  

The dining room threw me for a loop.  It took me a while to figure out what I wanted on the walls.  

I contemplated one really large art piece but couldn't find anything that I really liked and wanted that large.   So then I started looking for a few large pieces to work together.  Again nothing that I was in love with.  

Then I thought about a DIY option.  Maybe a couple colorful panels.  Maybe something made out of wood.  

But it wasn't until I figured out the color to stain our new dining room chairs, did I decide what to put on the walls. 

Lots of them. 

We started out with the random ikea frames we had around the house to figure out the spacing and how many we would need. 
A lot. 

At first we laid our two long rows.  But that was missing the height. 
So then we tried 4 columns x 3 rows centered with the table.  It looked okay.  But was underwhelming. 
So we added on.  On both sides. 
We ended us settling for a 6 column x 3 row grid.  18 pictures.  

And I love it.  I know its not going to be for everyone but I love looking at all those pictures each day.  
We went with the Ikea Ribba frames because we have some elsewhere in the house and I like the simplicity of them.  That and they are only $7.99.  

Sorry this is an awkward wall to photograph.  That and I should have move some of the furniture/light fixtures for the the pictures but I that seemed like a lot of work.  
So with those pictures hung up, our dining room is nearing the finish line.  I still have 2 chairs to sand/stain plus a picture frame to redo and then I think it will be done.  


  1. How did you get them all evenly spaced and aligned on the wall.

  2. My husband measured and placed nails. Then as we hung them we measured and adjusted if need. (A couple of the pictures have several nail holes behind them. Oops)


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