My Life of Travels and Adventures: Dining Rood Chair Remodel

Dining Rood Chair Remodel

14 October 2014

Shortly before we listed our Philadelphia house for sale, I spray painted our dining room chairs white.  

They were old, scratched and not really in that good of shape.  We bought them 10 years ago together at Ikea for like $20 each.  

Well they lasted a little while longer.  Until our most recent move.  Our old rental had a dumpster for all the rentals to share.  And we took advantage of it.  One chair literally fell apart a few months before we moved.  The other three lasted until moving day but they all ended up in the dumpster.  Actually 2 were in okay shape so I set them next to the dumpster in case someone wanted them.  

Meanwhile, last fall, I had sanded down 4 chairs we acquired from my Grandpa and Mom. 
Neil made seats for all 4 of them.  One was a simple piece of plywood (sanded really good) while the other 3 required inserts and some bracing. 
 At the time, I considered staining them but was worried since they were such different darknesses to begin with.  So I settled on painting them white.  
But then it got cold.  And snowed a lot.  So I didn't do anything with them all winter.  

This spring when our one chair fell apart I almost painted them.  But I didn’t.  I don’t remember why. 

But these lovely unfinished chairs made the move with us and lived in the garage for a while.  And we didn't have dining room chairs for several weeks. 

Then on one of the many trips to Lowe’s, I decided on dark stain.  I picked up a quart of Cabot Premium Wood Finish Stain + Sealer in Midnight.    The selling feature besides the dark color was that it contained stain and sealer in one.  

Thus eliminating the need for additional top coats.  Bonus points all around!

The darker chairs took two coats.  While the lighter chairs needed three coats for all around coverage.  
It wasn’t as easy as staining. Think no wiping.  More like painting.  The coats needed to be even.  No dripping.  Etc.  But it didn't require a top coat.  And it dried fast.  
That and I love the dark color.  The wood grain doesn't show through as well as staining.  But it is there.  That and I choice a really dark color.  

Our dining room with its lovely old white walls is a really bright space.  So I like the way the dark chairs balance a little of that bright white out.  
Also pay no attention to the dining room table.  That will eventually be refinished.  Eventually.  

You can see how the chairs tie into the pictures on the wall on this post.   Also, I still have 2 more chairs to redo.  They were given to us by my Grandma recently and have been sanded but still need to be stained/painted. 

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  1. I love your chairs! Staining and sanding can be such a chore, but they turned out amazing!


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