My Life of Travels and Adventures: Craft Stick Halloween Faces: Frankenstein, A Ghost and A Pumpkin

Craft Stick Halloween Faces: Frankenstein, A Ghost and A Pumpkin

06 October 2014

Frankenstein, A Ghost and A Pumpkin -A simple Halloween craft made from craft sticks
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Reid loves to paint.  And I love to clean up paint.  Or so it seems.  So I am always trying to come up with some easy toddler craft ideas that involve painting.  And are more than just painting paper.  Which we do.  Often.  

On this particular day, I had some creativity and a lot of patience.  I decided we should make Halloween decorations out of craft sticks.  A Pumpkin, Ghost and Monster

Black and White Construction Paper
Glue Sticks or Tacky Glue
Mod Podge, optional


1. We used 2 different size craft sticks to make our surface.  I hot glued the jumbo sticks to the smaller sticks.  Since Reid is really into big and small, I had him hand me the sticks as needed.  On a side note... The big and small thing is cute.  Sometimes.  "Mommy your big.  I little. " Thats cute.  Walking through Wegman's and having him continuously say "Mommy you have a big butt." Well its still cute but also embarrassing.  
2. Then paint.  This of course is Reid's favorite part.  And the messiest. 
3. While the paint dried (and Reid napped), I cut out the shapes for the faces.  
4. Then we used glue sticks to glue the faces onto our painted craft sticks.  I drew the mouth and such on Frankenstein.  For the examples I made, I used a sharpie to make the entire face of the ghost and pumpkin. 
5. Since Reid is somewhat inconsistent with the amount of glue he is applying, I put a quick coat of mod podge over everything to hold it all in place.  
And that was that.  An easy Halloween craft for a toddler. 

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