My Life of Travels and Adventures: Airplane Tot School

Airplane Tot School

22 October 2014

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Before we headed on vacation way back in August, I wanted to prepare Reid for the airplane and airport.  So we spent a week focusing on airplanes during tot school.  Along with reading just about every airplane book available at the library.  

I precut the construction paper into tail wings, wings and the fuselage, then let Reid glue them together.  We ended up gluing them onto white paper since a certain someone got a little glue happy.  

I made this little airplanes by covering clothes pins with washi tape then hot glueing the craft sticks on as wings.  
We played with these airplanes forever.  I used them to talk about colors and matches.  
Printables from RoyalBaloo

We used the addable plane printables to focus on colors.  I read the color for each plane, Reid picked it out and colored the plane.  
Printables from RoyalBaloo

We focused a lot on the letter A this week with tracing and coloring. 

Reid is really into crafts so he loved the idea of building his own airplane. I let him paint the craft sticks and clothes pins and then once they dried we assembled them into airplanes with a little hot glue. 
Printable from TheMeasuredMom

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