My Life of Travels and Adventures: The simplest BOO for you

The simplest BOO for you

16 September 2014

Washit Tape Boo Sign
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I am sure that this will be news to you all.  But Halloween is coming up soon.  Of course if you checked Pinterest, any social media or been in a store in the past two months you would have know.  But if not.  Then you are welcome.  Halloween is coming.  
I am not a big pre-Halloween fall decorations.  I wait until sometime in October to dig out my Halloween decorations.  Fall decor goes up between Halloween and Thanksgiving.  September is an off month.  That is the Krystal way.  

Anyways, with moving twice in the past two years, some go our Halloween decorations are still MIA.  And with Reid getting old enough to recognize pumpkins, ghosts and spiders, I wanted to add to our little bit of Halloween decorations with some new crafty ones.  
So I started with a real simple (and easy to store) decoration.  Don't worry I just hung it up to photograph the BOO.  It is now safely tucked away in a closet until October hits. 

Instructions: (I feel silly writing such simple instructions)
1. I sketched a B and an O on a scrap piece of paper first, then transferred the final sketch to a piece of construction paper.  
2. Cut out the letters. 
3. Decorate with washi tape.  

I am thinking of cutting out another set of letters and letting Reid decorate them with makers and Halloween stickers.  We shall see once October hits.  

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