My Life of Travels and Adventures: Simple Fall Bouquet

Simple Fall Bouquet

12 September 2014

This shop has been compensated by SheSpeaks/Febreze.   All opinions are mine alone. 
Fall is coming and coming fast around here.  I has been quite nippy (do people still say nippy) this week and I am slowly changing my summer items with fall decorations.  My first little change was adding a simple fall bouquet to the kitchen windowsill.  Inspired by the Febreze Lollipop Bouquet activity card.  

I wanted a little something seasonal in the windowsill, since I spend hours everyday at the kitchen sink scrubbing pots and pans. Who am I kidding?  But I do stand in front of the window to load the dishwasher.  That counts right? 
So back to the bouquet.  

Fabric scraps cut into 1" strips of varying lengths
Wood Circles
Hot Glue

To make the rosettes: 
1. Start with a 3-4' by 1-1.5" piece of fabric. Knot the one end.  
2. Then twist the fabric and wrap it tightly around the knot. 
3. Continuing until you reach the end of the fabric.  Take the end and tuck it under the rosette.
4. Hot glue an X across the back to hold it all together. 
5. Repeat the above steps using jute.  
6. Paint in fall-like colors in spirals on the wood circles.
7. Hot glue twigs of different lengths onto the back of the rosettes and circles.  (Shout out to Neil for collecting twigs at 9pm on a rainy night for me)
8. Spray the rosettes with the Febreze Home Harvest Collection.  
9. Display in a small vases/container to enjoy. 
I used the Febreze Air Effects in Autumn Harvest on my rosettes and am loving it.  I am enjoying the subtle "fall" smell while standing at the kitchen sink.  I made Neil stand at the sink with me and try to come up with a better way to describe the Autumn Harvest scent.  But we failed.  It's not your typical sweet/fruity smell but more of a sandalwood aroma.  That's the best we came up with.  

What scents remind you of fall?

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