My Life of Travels and Adventures: Scheduling Half Marathon Training

Scheduling Half Marathon Training

15 September 2014

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So I may have mentioned that I have a couple upcoming fall half marathons.  Couple… eek.  And by upcoming I mean the first is on the 20th of September.  That is like days away.   After hurting my ankle early in August, I took a couple weeks of of running and have been struggling since.  

I think part of my struggle was my lack of a training plan.  Among a lot of other excuses.  I have never really followed a “true” half marathon training plan, but have always just somewhat slowly increased my mileage to 10+ miles.  Which was again my plan this time.  But then I got hurt and took a vacation.  

So once the calendar switched to September, I started really worrying.  With no real plan or idea where I should be in my training, I decided to get busy scheduling my runs and workouts.  Cause waiting until the morning of usually results in 1000 excuses for not lacing up my sneakers.  
I used free printable calendars from landeelu,  a Sharpie Stainless Steel Pen and a set of colored Sharpie Pens, I picked up at Walgreens, to do the scheduling.  I like things to look pretty and be somewhat organized (who doesn’t?) so I stuck with a color coded system.  Black for races, green for spin class, red for yoga and blue for runs.  

As a huge Sharpie fan (I have almost a full drawer of sharpies in the office) this was my first time using their pens.  But I wanted something bolder than a normal pen but not as bold as a marker for the calendar and the Sharpie Pens delivered.  Bold and no bleed.  Perfect.  So perfect that I have since started using them on my meal planning calendar and our house calendar.  

Anyways back to running.  Since I am pretty short on time before the first half for the training runs, I started from the September half and worked backwards.  I gave myself a slow week prior to the race and then figured out a couple long runs to fill in the rest of September.  Then I added a couple short ones and then figured out a which spin classes to take.  While Tuesday/Thursday yoga remained constant and necessary.  Really necessary. 

I also planned October’s runs since I have another half marathon on November 1st. I am really hoping it doesn't snow for this one.  I gave myself off a little time after the first half but then picked back up with a couple long runs before an easy week leading up to the second half.  
Now that I have everything laid out, I am hoping that I will stick to this schedule somewhat closely.  Unless of course the weather doesn't really cooperate.  Because running with the stroller in the rain is not happening around here.  But at least having everything written out and looking pretty eliminates another excuse from my arsenal.   

So when I complete a run (or move one) I update and adjust my training calendar with the distance and my pace.  Note that long run with a stroller vs short run on a treadmill means really different paces.  

Now, if you will excuse me I need to go charge up my garmin for this weeks race.  Wish me luck!

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